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FlexPHA 3D Printer Filament, Gen 2, White


PHA is a biopolymer made from natural materials. It looks, feels, and works just like plastic — but unlike other plastics it’s environmentally safe and leaves zero microplastics behind. 

Our Gen 2 PHA filament formula improves mechanical properties so there’s no need to compromise between quality and sustainability. Now makers can get high-quality precision prints that are smooth, consistent, and eco-friendly every time.

Here are the reasons PHA is a great alternative to PLA and other plastic filaments when it comes to 3D printing.

Recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable: Our PHA filament is recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable under all conditions. This means that it can be safely placed in a home compost bin along with food and waste. And even in the worst-case scenario, if it ends up in landfills or our oceans, it will naturally biodegrade. 

Quality Performance: Improved bed and layer adhesion and overhang, while decreasing die swelling, ensuring more accurate and consistent prints.

Easy to use: Clog-free, bubble-free formula with low warpage and shrinkage, guaranteeing smooth prints for every project.


Materials: PHA

Diameter:  1.75mm (±0.1mm)

Density: 1.42g/cm3

Glass Transition Temp: -16

    • Nominal Diameter: 1.75 mm
    • Diameter Tolerances: ± 0.1 mm
    • Ovality: Less than 95%
    • Net Weight: 600g/1kg
    • Shore Hardness: 85A


    • Value: 1.37 g/mL
    • Standard: BP
    • Condition: n/a

    • Value: 9.8 g/10 min
    • Standard: ASTM D1238
    • Condition: 190 °C/2.16 kg

    Max Breaking Force
    • Value: 235 N
    • Standard: ASTM D638
    • Condition: 1 mm/min

    Elongation at Break
    • Value: 15 %
    • Standard: ASTM D638
    • Condition: 1 mm/min

    Young Modulus
    • Value: 341 MPa
    • Standard: ASTM D638
    • Condition: 1 mm/min

    Melting Temperature
    • Value: 173 °C
    • Standard: BP
    • Condition: 10 °C/min

    Glass Transition
    • Value: -16 °C
    • Standard: BP
    • Condition: 10 °C/min

    Thermal Degradation
    • Value: 273 °C
    • Standard: BP
    • Condition: 10 °C/min


    • Spool diameter: 200 mm
    • Spool depth: 58 mm
    • Hub diameter: 83 mm
    • Hub hole diameter: 53 mm


    • Extrusion temperature: 195±10
    • Print Fan: On (100% after 1st layer)
    • Bed Addition: PVOH Glue
    • Bed temperature: off
    • Printing speed: 20~30 mm/s

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