Current Applications

Our team is committed to advancing the field of biotechnology by providing innovative solutions that can be used both on a small and large scale.

Combining the latest technological advances with our expertise and capabilities, Beyond Plastic can show you how a unique combination of biopolymers can help improve the processing and functional abilities of traditional stand-alone polymers. Through tailored strategies focused on obtaining the right level of performance, we strive to meet your needs while advancing the sustainability goals that are becoming increasingly important within various industries. Whether it is cost-effective or targeted for specific properties, you can rely on us for the most advanced and efficacious biopolymer options available.

3D Printer Filament

PREMIUM FILAMENT without the hassle or the negative environmental impact. Designed by professionals for extremely high-detail resolution.

NO GREENWASHING. NO exaggerated claims. NO hidden trade-offs. NO carbon credit off-sets.

A fully commercialized 100% biodegradable PHA polymer; Beyond Plastic 3D Printer filaments return to the earth as bio-mass particulates that are consumed by naturally occurring micro-biomes in the environment. All other so-called "recyclable" and "bio-degradable" plastic/polymer materials breakdown into harmful micro-plastics that will never fully reabsorb into environmentally friendly byproducts.

FULLY RECYCLABLE SPOOL made from recycled paperboard so that all parts of the product are truly biodegradable.

3D Printer Filament
Compostable Straws

Biodegradable Drinking Straws

Compostable, 100% Biodegradable


Traditional plastic straws (PP) are typically made of PP with a density of less than 1. As a result, they continue to float in our oceans and slowly degrade into harmful micro-plastics. Many city and state governments have banned businesses from handing out single-use plastic straws to consumers.


Commercialization of drinking straws that meets all standards for TUV composting (industrial, Home and Seedling) as well as ASTM 6691 Marine Biodegradability certification

Blow Mold (Closure)

Commercialization of a custom 38 mm closure that meets all standards for TUV composting (industrial, Home and Seedling) as well as ASTM 6691 Marine Biodegradability certification. The closure is to be compatible with standard beverage offerings with the benefits of added packaging performance while raising the conservation effort and value.

Blow Mold
Eco Friendly Cutlery


Compostable, 100% Biodegradable

Did you know that it is now possible to enjoy your meal without worrying about the toxic plastic cutlery commonly found on most kitchen tables? Introducing 100% biodegradable and compostable material, with a familiar look and feel of plastic yet environmentally friendly for our planet. Not only does this innovative product offer sustainability but also provides an accessible way to reduce one's environmental impact! Unlike cheap wooden spoons or regular plastics, these organic utensils can fully decompose in 3-9 months depending on temperature and humidity conditions - making them perfect companions when consuming meals at home or even restaurants.

Beauty Cosmetic Case

The research and development for cosmetic packaging allows BP to dial in the material and process performance; all while producing low volume, high margin products. These steps are used to assist in the development of finished product that are very similar in application to the beverage industry. 

The organic cosmetic plays well with the PHA container as they are both in demand for consumers looking for “Green” products. In addition to the EU banning of microplastics use for cosmetic applications (ie: facial Scrubs). Cosmetic products are high margins and quality with low volumes.

Cosmetic Case

Innovation with Beyond Plastic

If your company produces products or their packaging, Beyond Plastic has an innovative solution to help. Specializing in product design, Beyond Plastic can also assist with materials choices and technology advances to ensure your product meets the industry standards for quality, safety and sustainability.