Our Vision

We see a world that ends harmful plastics. A world where our oceans, rivers, and landscapes are clean, clear, and teaming with life; unburdened by discarded plastics. A world where bio-degradable truly means biodegradable and truths about the life cycle of products aren’t shrouded in ambiguous marketing double talk. A world where the landfills of today are the relics of the past. We see a world where the health of the environment and the vital signs of our planet reverse course and heal. We see a world where creators, inventors, and companies like Beyond Plastic, can make a big impact with their products, and leave no trace. 

100% handmade soap bar

Our Mission

Every day we will CREATE products that are fully biodegradable made from biopolymers that significantly reduce the harmful effects on the environment. We will EDUCATE consumers on what it means to be truly recyclable, biodegradable, and bio-renewable; as well as the pitfalls of “greenwashing”. And finally, we will CELEBRATE those individuals and companies who choose to carry the torch of environmental stewardship for future generations to follow.

Our Values


We believe in being true to the causes of environmental stewardship and sustainability. For us, it’s a way of life.

 We believe in creating products with complete transparency. Our philosophy is to approach each and every product we manufacture with an honest conversation regarding innovation and the impact on our world today.


If we are going to produce something, it has to be the best. Our commitment to the environment and the world around us only enhances our focus.

We are committed to producing the best quality products while delivering a quality service and third-party validation of our material claims. Whether you use our filament for pure R&D, or for your hobbyist applications.


We are thankful for those who came before us, and for those who will follow us.

We are thankful for the great efforts and years of development in creating more sustainable products by those who came before us. We are thankful for the owners and investors who are joining us on the journey towards making a superior product. And most of all, we are thankful for the end users, from the influencers to home hobbyists, that support our brand and cause.

Innovation with Beyond Plastic

If your company produces products or their packaging, Beyond Plastic has an innovative solution to help. Specializing in product design, Beyond Plastic can also assist with materials choices and technology advances to ensure your product meets the industry standards for quality, safety and sustainability.