About Us

The Company

Beyond Plastic™ was started to create fully bio-degradable polymers using a revolutionary production and harvesting process that sources high quality industrial grade PHA. Based in Southern California, the founders of Beyond Plastic™ combine for nearly 50 years of beverage experience with major brand success stories such as Core Hydration, Body Armor, and many others. Although both founders are leaders in very different fields of expertise, they share a passion for transforming the plastics industry; freeing it from the environmentally harmful products they’ve seen throughout their years of producing beverages. Both founders want to blaze a path where future generations truly experience a world that goes beyond plastic. 

Innovation with Beyond Plastic

If your company produces products or their packaging, Beyond Plastic has an innovative solution to help. Specializing in product design, Beyond Plastic can also assist with materials choices and technology advances to ensure your product meets the industry standards for quality, safety and sustainability.