The Science of Innovation

Join us in our mission to bring sustainability through bioplastics


Our expertise in polymer sciences, materials chemistry, chemical engineering, ecology, toxicology, and packaging development allows us to provide guidance in PHA-based packaging alternatives, analyze product life cycles, enhancing product stewardship, third-party confirmation of compliance, and assessing end-of-life impacts to the environment.

Who We Service


Your company's commitment to sustainability is paramount - and we are here to help make that a reality. We have a range of biopolymer applications and R&D services tailored to plastic products or packaging that can assist you in reaching your sustainability goals while also ensuring overall profitability and efficiency.  Let's use this opportunity to make a positive impact on the future of sustainable development together!


Our Business Process

Innovation Framework

DiscoveryInnovation Framework Process

Implementation Across Your Supply Chain

We work closely with your teams to understand the lifecycle impact to your supply chain. Specifically, we will evaluate your sourcing process, production, marketing, and end-of-life impact for partners and consumers using the products. 

Innovation with Beyond Plastic

If your company produces products or their packaging, Beyond Plastic has an innovative solution to help. Specializing in product design, Beyond Plastic can also assist with materials choices and technology advances to ensure your product meets the industry standards for quality, safety and sustainability.