beyond plastic

PHA 3D Printer Filament, Black



Note: Max total quantity of 3 allowed per order

Beyond Plastic PHA 3D Printer filament, Black, 1kg/600g Spool, Dimension Accuracy = 1.75 +/- 0.10mm

Material Technical Data Sheet

PREMIUM FILAMENT without the hassle or the negative environmental impact. Designed by professionals for extremely high-detail resolution.

NO GREENWASHING. NO exaggerated claims. NO hidden trade-offs. NO carbon credit off-sets.

A fully commercialized 100% biodegradable PHA polymer; Beyond Plastic 3D Printer filaments return to the earth as bio-mass particulates that are consumed by naturally occurring micro-biomes in the environment. All other so-called "recyclable" and "bio-degradable" plastic/polymer materials breakdown into harmful micro-plastics that will never fully reabsorb into environmentally friendly byproducts.

EASY-TO-USE filament fluidly fits into any 3D printer model with the toughness and durability needed for accurate and precise design work. NO bubbling, NO clogging, NO warping, and odor free. 

FULLY RECYCLABLE SPOOL made from recycled paperboard so that all parts of the product are truly biodegradable.

NOTE: Our material will transition from an amorphous state to becoming crystalized at room temperature. Therefore, the part will change in strength and density if printed too hot. If you want to ensure the part is fully crystalized for high dimensional accuracy, we suggest you let it rest for 24 hours or incubate on a filament dryer at 60°C for 8 hours.


    • Nominal Diameter: 1.75 mm
    • Diameter Tolerances: ± 0.1 mm
    • Ovality: Less than 95%
    • Net Weight: 600g/1kg


    Specific Gravity
    • Value: 1.22 g/cm3
    • Standard: ASTM D792
    • Condition: 23 °C

    • Value: 50 g/10 min
    • Standard: ASTM D1238
    • Condition: 170 °C/2.16 kg

    Max Breaking Force
    • Value: 580 N
    • Standard: ASTM D882
    • Condition: 1 mm/min

    Elongation at Break
    • Value: 15 %
    • Standard: ASTM D882
    • Condition: 1 mm/min

    Young Modulus
    • Value: 1,200 N/mm2
    • Standard: ASTM D882
    • Condition: 1 mm/min

    Melting Temperature
    • Value: 170 °C
    • Standard: DSC
    • Condition: 5 °C/min

    Glass Transition
    • Value: 5 °C
    • Standard: DSC
    • Condition: 5 °C/min

    Thermal Degradation
    • Value: 250 °C
    • Standard: TGA
    • Condition: 5 °C/min


    • Spool diameter: 200 mm
    • Spool depth: 58 mm
    • Hub diameter: 83 mm
    • Hub hole diameter: 53 mm


    • Extrusion temperature: 195±10
    • Print Fan: On (100% after 1st layer)
    • Bed Addition: PVOH Glue
    • Bed temperature: 0°C
    • Printing speed: 20~30 mm/s
    • Dryer: Material is hydroscopic but at low percentage (0.03%). Will dry very quickly if necessary.

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